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VR, AR, drones, AI & Machine Learning, mobile, consumer tech, Smb/enterprise tech, B2C/B2B, content marketing, blogging, reviews. Writing, video/podcasting, editorial planning, content strategy.

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Introducing Noah Kravitz

Three months ago I honestly had no idea what I was going to do to earn a living. Today I...

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Noah's Top 5 Phones

He's already picked his top 5 tablets, but what are the top 5 favorite phones of Noah Kravitz?...

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Nexus Prime Serving Samsung Ice Cream Sandwiches to Verizon?

Who said August is a slow month for consumer tech news? And don't even get me started on the HP...

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HTC Flyer was the Best Android Tablet at MWC

Specs are for fools; HTC's Flyer and its "outdated" single-core processor and "old, sad" Android 2.4 OS was the best...

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TechnoBuffalo Gift Guide - Noah's List

Noah Kravitz, Editor-at-Large of TechnoBuffalo, shares his suggestions for holiday gift giving this year....

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900 Unboxing (video)

Noah Kravitz unboxes the T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900....

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Noah's 11 Most Important Gadgets of 2011

Noah lists what he feels was the 11 most important gadgets of 2011....

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In the News

As TechnoBuffalo has become more known in the tech field, other media have turned to us for our expertise. Below...

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Thank You and Good Luck, Noah Kravitz

After mutual discussion and thought, TechnoBuffalo is proud to say that Noah Kravitz has left the company to pursue his dream of helping bridge the gap between technology and education....

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Tom Bihn Ristretto Bag for 11″ MacBook Air

The folks at Tom Bihn of Seattle, WA literally saved my backside at CES. How? They overnighted me their Ristretto bag for me to take with me and try ou......

Open uri20140423 18399 1h10bd3 article

Why I Ditched My iPhone for Windows Phone 7

Noah Kravitz ditched Apple, iOS and his iPhone 4 in favor of an HTC Titan running Windows Phone 7 Mango. Why'd he make the smartphone switch?...

Open uri20140423 18399 c7ogcl article

BtS Giveaway #4: Win Jon's or Noah's Tablet Pack from NVIDIA!

Win an Asus EEE Pad Transformer or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from NVIDIA and TechnoBuffalo!...

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Noah's Top 5 Gadgets Coming Soon

What five gadgets is Noah Kravitz most looking forward to in the coming months? Lets find out....

Open uri20140423 18399 qe82ad article

To the Maxx: Motorola Launches Droid Razr Maxx for Verizon

Verizon and Motorola today announced a few new additions to their Droid lineup of Android powered smartphones. In addition to the Droid 4, VZW will sta......

Open uri20140423 18399 17a9yny article

Rumor Roundup

TechnoBuffalo's content is created by a team of professionals that are self-proclaimed tech-enthusiasts. Our articles cover a breadth of technology-related issues and topics from the everyday uses to the business side of the industry....