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Open uri20131111 668 2ldgn8 article

Galaxy Note 3: The Most Advanced Smartphone. Ever.

I guarantee this gargantuan new Samsung phone-tablet thingy with the magic space pen will be the most advanced smartphone ever...

Open uri20131111 668 1oifrsr article

The Windows Phone Problem - FutureSmarter

Round about two years ago I was smitten with Microsoft's then-new smartphone platform, Windows Phone 7. WP7 struck me as...

Open uri20131111 668 i0q3y3 article

HTC One Review - AT&T 32GB Version - by Noah Kravitz

The HTC One is the best Android phone I've ever used. And yet I'm not sure it's the right Android...

Open uri20131111 668 14p9mgw article

Smartwatch! Er, Watch Phone! Omate TrueSmart on Kickstarter - FutureSmarter

On the one hand it's return of the gadget nobody ever wanted: The Watch Phone!...

Open uri20131111 668 15ob16x article

The Maturation of Android - FutureSmarter

Funny thing happened while I wasn't reviewing smartphones on a daily basis: Android got really good. Read the rest......

Open uri20131111 668 ab5wa2 article

Nexus 5 Unboxing Video - FutureSmarter

Google Nexus 5: Best Android Phone? Noah unboxes it....

Open uri20131111 668 bpeprh article

The Brilliance of Breaking Bad - FutureSmarter

That's one of the things I love most about Breaking Bad, a show with plenty of things to love....

About FutureSmarter - FutureSmarter

FutureSmarter is created by Noah Kravitz, an educator, journalist, and entrepreneur who lives and works in Oakland, CA. You can...

Open uri20131111 668 132lczi article

The Best Phone That Nobody Wants: HTC First Review - FutureSmarter

The HTC First is my favorite phone of the year. And if the thing had been marketed differently, lots of...

Open uri20140423 18399 1d24t8b article

The Ten Most Interesting Smartphones - FutureSmarter

In order from most to least interesting, my Top 10 smartphones of right now, November 2013...

Open uri20140423 18399 140wx7w article

My Twitter Sabbatical - FutureSmarter

I’m taking some time away from Twitter. Starting today at 5pm local time I’ll start with a month away from @noahkravitz. I’ll be deleting TweetDeck more »...

Took a Job! - FutureSmarter

Hey, so I accepted a job offer. I’s are still being dotted and t’s crossed, but everything should be in place for me to start more »...

Open uri20140423 18399 1ewws9c article

Gold (Champagne) iPhone 5S Confirmed

Apple's gold isn't really gold; it's more of an understated champagne....

Open uri20140423 18399 mkgkpx article

BlackBerry Death Watch - FutureSmarter

I cannot fathom who would want BlackBerry unless they were a paying going-going-gone firesale price for the assets. Samsung's a long shot....

Twitter Music Comes Up Short - FutureSmarter

Content is king, but discovery is the proverbial queen behind the man....